Cyber Security Specialists with a Boutique Approach

We're a dedicated independent security firm deeply passionate about hacking, penetration testing, and reverse engineering.

Consultancy & Training,  Research & Development

Our core solutions

Penetration Testing & Adversary Simulations

Unrivalled Penetration Testing Solutions & Attack Simulations in the form of Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Assessment or Red Teaming.

Software Assessments & Reversing

End-to-end product review for systems built using a variety of technologies, from boot ROM and embedded devices to mobile apps and web back-ends.

Blockchain Specialised Security Reviews

Expert review in the blockchain space, from ledger to consensus layer, to runtime and execution layer, to implementation of smart contract logic.

Cloud Security and Web Application Experts

With over 20 years in the industry we are a confident team with specialists in various cloud and web technologies.

We believe Cyber Security is about trust, collaboration and an on-going process.

Trusted Security Adviser

We believe that the security industry is about trust and that an honest and collaborative approach is vital. Thus our focus is to become a trusted security adviser to our clients, providing assistance and support beyond a single project.

Coding & Research

We provide specialised services to organisations and companies such as exploit development and reverse engineering, to discover vulnerabilities, cryptographic flaws and malware behaviour.

Reversing & Code Reviews

We are domain experts in source code review and reverse engineering at all levels in the stack.

Training and Mentoring

Our experience and expertise to you. Teaching and mentoring is a highly important aspect of our core company value.

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

As more companies are catching up with their security debt, we can provide a continuous and ongoing consulting approach, integrating our engineers and experts within your organisation and providing staff augmentation in any part of your security life-cycle.

Unmatched Security expertise, hassle-free and flexible scheduling.

Your Security, Our Passion

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